I am interested in re-discovery of everyday things that are around me. Or should I say I am interested in re-interpretation of trivial things in my everyday life? In my work, I attempt to show something special or uncanny about these "trivial" things by discovering what is hidden behind them. My fascination of these "trivial" things is driven from how I personally identify with them; it is very possible that they somehow speak on behalf my hidden emotions, thoughts, desires, vulnerabilities and state of alienation. When I recognize "sameness" between the "trivial" things and myself, I experience a sense of sympathy or even a sense of ecstasy. This recognition prompts me to transform those things by giving them "life" so that they, like me, can share a sense of existence, even if this process of transformation may come from my egotistical desire to obtain a sense of existence and (or) to transform myself.