I am working on giving form to the moment when serenity and tension coexist simultaneously. My work is a maximized representation of day-to-day trivial movements and minute tension derived from the enormousness of nature. It aims to explore how to express such natural movements in color and form by using daily objects. Dynamic or static, my work can be a representation of daily life or the reproduction of nature. When two different aspects coexist, I try to express not only superficial tension but also the interaction of inner tension. This is hot (ice version) welding copper pipes to joints has the material quality similar to that of a radiator.

As the rediscovery of perception, I combine a visual element, letters with a tactile element, heated copper pipes. As the copper pipes, however, are frozen and melt repetitively, two senses collide at the same place. This gap indicates a subtle state, whether what the text tells is true or the surface state is true.

In sculpture, mediums are a crucial factor to understand an artwork itself. A landscape painting made of a coke, softening agent, and engine oil seems a reproduction of the beauty of nature, but it is actually the reinterpretation of materials and the creation of new relations by changing the original use of materials. Just as heterogeneity between different mediums represents an aspect of our society, such materials suggest an irreconcilable relation. The blurred lines between two materials are the departure point of new connections.

As daily necessities in a fluid state have their own purposes and uses, they are proper to express the sensibilities of our times. A liquid, the state of matter between a solid and a gas, may turn to a solid or a gas by an external, artificial force and has its own tension. Its flexibility, however, may break down a large number of barriers and walls in the world, representing our variable, feeble sensibilities. In some of pieces, a liquid moves when the viewer approaches through its inside motor or the viewer may shake them.

I intend to bring about new images and connections by lending meaning to insignificant, unattractive objects. The subtle pieces captured by my gaze are a paradoxical extension of an object’s innate characteristics. They also signify scientific researches of an object’s physical properties and indirect, unified messages concerning the environment.